The VZ-27 O MultiTransporter trailers are unbraked trailers with a total weight of 750 kg or braked trailers with a total weight of as much as 1300 kg.

Loading platform 2500x1480x1235 mm.

Design with a "V" drawbar, plywood side boards 1235 mm, 13" wheels, 7-pole electrical installation for unbraked and 13-pole electrical installation for braked trailers. The floor is made of water-resistant plywood with a thickness of 15 mm. Solid welded frame of the chassis with reinforcements, rear loading ramp.

Braked variants of the VZ-27 O MultiTransporter trailers are equipped, in a standard design, with a jockey wheel with a holder, wheel scotch blocks and a rear AGADOS SMART LED lighting system.
MultiTransporter for various purposes of use.

Varianty, modifikace, příslušenství

The VZ-27 O MultiTransporter trailer can be equipped with interesting accessories or it is possible to select various modifications.

Jockey wheel with a holder
Supporting leg with a holder
Cylinder lock
Agados reinforced axle
Reinforced coupling
Reinforced wheels
Cover canvas
Laminated glass
Spare wheel with a holder
Spare wheel holder
Dampers for axles
Anti-slip rubber on the floor
Rear double-wing door with an upper sliding cross bar
Side door with a closure
Heightening of side boards to a height of 1500 mm
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