The Titus series trailers are unbraked trailers with a total weight of 750 kg.

Loading platform 2060x1470x350 mm.

Characteristic design is with a "V" drawbar, a tilting body, aluminium removable and tilting side boards, 13" wheels, 7-pole electrical installation, the floor is made of water-resistant anti-slip plywood with a thickness of 9 mm.

On a standard basis, the Titus series trailers are equipped with 4 anchoring eyes.
Trailer with removable side boards.

Varianty, modifikace, příslušenství

The Titus series trailers can be equipped with interesting accessories or it is possible to select various modifications.

Jockey wheel with a holder
Supporting legs with a holder
Lock for the locking of the trailer coupling
Anchoring eye foldings into the floor
Cover canvas or canvas with a structure
Wheel scotch block
Spare wheel
Spare wheel holder under the loading platform
13-pole electrical installation
10" wheels
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