The SMA-31 series trailers are unbraked trailers with a total weight of 750 kg and braked trailers with a total weight of 1300 kg or 1500 kg.

Loading platform 3020x1600 mm.

Design with a "V" drawbar, solid welded frame with a railing (protective rectangular steel profile frame), anti-slip floor of water-resistant plywood with a thickness of 15 mm. 10 anchoring "U" stirrups, iron loading rails. 13" or 14" wheels, 13-pole electrical installation.

On a standard basis, the SMA-31 series trailers are equipped with a jockey wheel with a holder and wheel scotch blocks.

The SMA-31 series trailers cannot be equipped with LED lighting.
Loading rails placed under the loading platform.

Varianty, modifikace, příslušenství

The SMA-31 series trailers can be equipped with interesting accessories or it is possible to select various modifications.

Removable manual winch
Spare wheel
Spare wheel holder
Dampers for axles
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