The Handy-3 series trailers are unbraked trailers with a total weight of 750 kg.

Loading platform 2050x1090x350 mm.

Characteristic design is with a "V" drawbar, sheet metal side boards with Al-Zn finishing; right, 13" wheels, 7-pole electrical installation, the floor is made of water-resistant anti-slip plywood with a thickness of 9 mm.

On a standard basis, the trailers of the Handy-3 series are equipped with 4 anchoring eyes.
Corner posts make it possible to equip the Handy-3 series trailers, for example, with the side board upper structure or a canvas with a structure featuring a loading height of 1,33 m.

Varianty, modifikace, příslušenství

The Handy-3 series trailers can be equipped with interesting accessories or different configurations can be selected.

Jockey wheel with a holder
Supporting legs with a holder
Upper structure of side boards
Lock for the locking of the trailer coupling
Anchoring eye foldings into the floor
Cover canvas or canvas with a structure featuring a loading height of up to 1,53 m
Wheel scotch block
Spare wheel
Spare wheel holder
Tilting design of the body
13-pole electrical installation
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