The ADAM 12 series trailers are braked trailers with a total weight of 2700 to 3500 kg.

Loading platform 4170x2095x350 mm.

Design with a "V" drawbar, hydraulically tilting upper frame and loading rails for facilitation of driving up, aluminium side boards 350 mm, 12" wheels, 13-pole electrical installation. The floor is made of water-resistant plywood with a thickness of 15 mm. Side boards are tilting and removable, solid frame made of welded hot-dip galvanised parts, protective frame (railing) with a sliding front cross bar at the plato design.

On a standard basis, the ADAM 12 series trailers are equipped with 12 anchoring "U" stirrups in an M-profile, a jockey wheel with a holder, wheel scotch blocks and a rear AGADOS SMART LED lighting system.
Hydraulically tilting frame for facilitation of driving up.

Varianty, modifikace, příslušenství

The ADAM 12 series trailers can be equipped with interesting accessories or it is possible to select various modifications.

Front openable board
10" or 13" wheels
Canvas with a structure
Spare wheel
Spare wheel holder
Dampers for axles
Stabilisation coupling
Rear drive-up ramp (place of loading rails)
Removable manual winch
Electric winch
Ripped sheet metal on the floor
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